Time-Saver Standards for Urban Design By Donald Watson

* * * Publisher:* McGraw-Hill Professional
* * * Number Of Pages:* 960
* * * Publication Date:* 2003-02-21
* * * ISBN-10 / ASIN:* 007068507X
* * * ISBN-13 / EAN:* 9780070685079
* * * Binding:* Hardcover

Product Description:

"Time Saver Standards for Urban Design", in the tradition of the "Time-Saver Standards" series, is the world's foremost professional reference on the physical design of cities and urban places including communities and civic and public places. Scope of the work is international and topics include preservation, renewal, patterns of settlement and sustainability. Key Features include: international coverage including recent European and Asian sustainability initiatives; topics from allied disciplines such as transportation engineering, bioregionalism and environmental engineering; heavily illustrated. The prestigious contributors include Alan Plattus, Dean of the College of Architecture, Yale University.

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