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Performance and Durability of the Window-Wall Interface

Performance and Durability of the Window-Wall Interface

Performance and Durability of the Window-Wall Interface (ASTM special technical publication, 1484)

By Barry G. Hardman

Publisher: ASTM International | 168 pages | 2006-07 | ISBN: 080313410X | PDF | 5.45MB

Get the la information available on the performance and durability of the window-wall interface. STP 1484 offers new research, exhaustive ing, and the creation of installation standards which attempt to identify installation methods and construction sequencing, to integrate a variety of fenestration products into a variety of wall claddings.

Ten peer-reviewed papers cover:

• Integration of windows or doors with their related interfaces—lashings, sealants, claddings, and more

• Considerations of weather, exposure, job site conditions

• Compatibility or incompatibility of adjacent and integrated materials

• Product ing and the ing of installation methods and techniques

• Role that permeability plays in the selection of materials

• Ability or inability of self-adhered materials to maintain their original adhesion properties, long-term serviceability, and durability.

This new publication provides the vital information you need to write specifications, create or interpret standards, evaluate materials for product selection, and recommend changes to the building codes.

Table of Contents


Water Resistance and Durability of Weather-Resistive Barriers

Weston T., Pascual X., Boone K.

Water Resistance and Vapor Permeance of Weather Resistive Barriers

Butt T.

Adhesive Characterization & Durability of Self-Adhered Flashings

Katsaros J.

Designing and Specifying Self-Adhering Flashings for the Window-Wall Interface

Batemam R.

Effect of Installation Details on the Condensation Performance of Window Frames

Kudder R., Babich S., Johnson D.

Review of Specific Local Fenestration Units, Building Envelope Interface Practices, and Materials Compared to ASTM E 2112, Current Acceptance Criteria, and Evaluation Practices.

Ackerman D.

The Importance of Integrating Flashing and the Water Resistive Barrier in the Exterior Wall Systems of Residential Buildings

Dorin L.

Durability ing of Polyurethane Foam Sealant in the Window-Wall Interface

Braun R., Garcia J.

Performance ing of Flashing Installation Methods for Brick Mold and Nonflanged Windows

Crowder-Moore B., Weston T., Katsaros J.

A Review of Climate Loads Relevant to Assessing the Watertightness Performance of Walls, Windows, and Wall-Window Interfaces

Cornick S., Lacasse M.



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