Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Safe Work in the 21st Century

Safe Work in the 21st Century

Safe Work in the 21st Century
By Institute of Medicine,&nbspNational Academy
Press,&nbspCommittee to Assess Training Needs for Occupational
Safety,&nbspHealth Personnel Safety in the United
States,&nbspInstitute of Medicine,
* Publisher: National Academy Press
* Number Of Pages: 250
* Publication Date: 2000-07-01
* ISBN / ASIN: 0309070260
This book looks at worker safety in the changing
workplace and the challenge of ensuring a supply of top-notch OSH
professionals. Recommendations are addressed to federal and state
agencies, OSH organizations, educational institutions, employers,
unions, and other stakeholders.

The committee reviews trends in workforce demographics, the nature of
work in the information age, globalization of work, and the revolution
in health care delivery-exploring the implications for OSH education
and training in the decade ahead.

The core professions of OSH (occupational safety, industrial hygiene,
and occupational medicine and nursing) and key related roles (employee
assistance professional, ergonomist, and occupational health
psychologist) are profiled-how many people are in the field, where they
work, and what they do. The book reviews in detail the education,
training, and education grants available to OSH professionals from
public and private sources

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